This site is still in its early stages. I've provided download links to a couple of ZX Spectrum programs I've written which you can run on an emulator, along with a link for my first Android app. My contact details are at the end of this page.

Android apps

Dew Point

A very simple program which can calculate the dew point from the current temperature and relative humidity, but whose main purpose is really just to test out creating an Android app and releasing it on the Google Play Store.

Get It On Google Play

ZX Spectrum programs

My Cricket Duckworth-Lewis calculator, and a Bowling Solitaire card-game. I'll add more details about these here soon, but for now you can download them with the following links:

Cricket Duckworth-Lewis Calculator (v5.0.6)

Download (includes additional files for iOS and Android Spectaculator emulators)

Bowling Solitaire (v1.2)

Download (includes additional files for iOS Spectaculator emulator)

Contact me

My real name is Gareth Bell but I use the nick 'princegaz' for most of my online activity. I'm not the only 'princegaz' who is online though, so not everything you might find under that name will be from me. If you have any questions about my software or anything else, feel free to email me.

Social media

I don't really post much, but I do have accounts on some of the main platforms: